Sunday, March 22, 2009

Frickin S'Wheat

This weekend we opened the first couple bottles of our Spiced Wheat.

As you can see, it has a nice, deep amber color. The low head retention was my fault: I poured a little too gently down the side of the glass.

Taste-wise, it's silky smooth with none of the tartness you find in a lot of wheat beer. The sweetness of the malt balances pretty well with the minimal Liberty hop bitterness, and spice from the orange zest, cloves and coriander.

We took a six-pack to a party and people seemed to really like it. I predict this batch won't last very long.

Also bottled my Weizenbock on Sunday. I am officially done adding sugar to bottles. It's a pain in the ass and not worth the potential to introduce bad nasties to the beer. Going to order a bunch of PrimeTabs, which are compressed, sanitized corn sugar cubes. That is, unless my wife will let me start kegging. What do you think, honey?


  1. looks delicious. what is the sugar in the bottle for?
    i think this could by my project for next weekend...

  2. After the main fermentation, you bottle the beer with some additional sugar to carbonate the beer. The yeast in suspension will eat the the sugar and release CO2. You can tell that beer has been bottle-carbonated if there is a thin yeast layer on the bottom of the bottle (like Boulevard Wheat).